Pilates classes and physiotherapy in Central, Hong Kong

Ervin Paunan

Ervin Paunan

Physiotherapist/ Pilates Clinician and Senior Instructor

Ervin qualified as a physiotherapist in Manila and has been practicing since 2001. He started as a clinical practitioner and later on shifted to a more commercial environment, focusing on sports rehabilitation and instructing sport conditioning programs. He was then recruited to collaborate with Classical Pilates Practitioners to facilitate a Golf Conditioning Program in one of the Pilates Studios in the central business district of Manila. He was one of the first Physiotherapists who practiced in Pilates Studios in Manila that offered Physical Rehabilitation and was one of the founding partners in Allez Hop Wellness Studio. Making use of his extensive network and credibility in the Rehabilitation field in Manila, he also established a company, Fisica Integrated which  offers mobile rehabilitation and wellness services, education for professionals and business solutions for investors in the wellness industry.

In 2010 he was certified in Rehabilitation Pilates having successfully completed the rigorous Polestar Comprehensive Rehabilitation and is now a fully-fledged educator in this world renowned Pilates teacher training school, recognized as a leader in the field of Pilates applications for Rehabilitation. He also completed the Gyrotonic Level 1 course. The Gyrotonic method and equipment is recognized as an excellent method for both body conditioning and Rehabilitation applications. Ervin has been working very successfully with clients at Iso Fit Hong Kong since 2012 and received his Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association registration in April 2015 and has since been practicing as a Physiotherapist as well.

Ervin’s training, dedication to his profession and experience as a teacher and Physiotherapy practitioner continue to enhance his ability to achieve excellent results for his clients and patients.