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Bones for Life

Bones for Life

The Movement Intelligence of Bone Strength and Weight-Bearing Posture

  • Develop harmonious coordination
  • Empower lively & dynamic gait
  • Train in bone building walking in rhythm
  • Reach Quality of natural fitness at any age
  • Restore resourcefulness of equilibrium & stability
  • Align posture in the body language of self confidence
  • The movement answer to the functional failure of osteoporosis
  • Your bones are as reliable as your posture is able to sustain your body weight in an efficient alignment.
  • Your bones are as strong as your activity is dynamic and able to cope with challenges that demand strength.
  • Your bones are as healthy as Nature meant, if your movements are natural and all your body parts are harmoniously coordinated.

Through the simple, effective movement processes of the sixty-hour Bones For Life program, you will learn gradually and safely how to:

  • Stimulate your bone strength and experience the biological optimism of a reliable skeleton
  • Coordinate a springy and dynamic walk
  • Align your posture into safe weight-bearing uprightness
  • Develop your skill of restoring equilibrium
  • Enhance the pleasure of moving