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COVID-19 Corona Virus- Temporary Closure Dec 2020

COVID-19 Corona Virus- Temporary Closure Dec 2020




日期: 2月 2, 2021

COVID-19 Corona Virus Policy Update

08 December 2020

Dear Iso Fit Clients, 

Temporary Closure of Iso Fit

We hope you are all well and staying safe. Most of you will have heard the news that in compliance with the latest Government announcement, all fitness centers and Pilates studios will be closed for 2 weeks from the 10 Dec 2020. This means that Iso Fit will be closed at least until 23 Dec 2020 (inclusive). We await an update from the Gov to see when we will be able to open. All packages and memberships will be frozen during this time. 

Physio Fit patients will be able to continue their Rehab sessions as normal during this period. 

Iso Fit Online

Meantime, we will be helping you stay fit by re-introducing a limited schedule of our popular Virtual classes - watch this space! More info to follow soon...

We have uploaded a selection of Zoom classes from our previous shutdown periods. You can find them on our Youtube channel for free. Check out our Channel here!

With best wishes for you and your families to stay fit and healthy,    
Your Iso Fit Team