Pilates classes and physiotherapy in Central, Hong Kong

Amelia Lavery

Amelia Lavery

Pilates Instructor

Amelia was first introduced to Pilates in 1994 and has been passionately practicing Pilates ever since. 

Originally, she undertook Pilates to supplement her classical ballet technique and very quickly recognized the benefits of Pilates exercise. 

She studied in Melbourne under the guidance of Andrew Baxter, first at the Australian Ballet Centre and then at his own independent studio, Body Concept Studio. 


Aside from classical ballet she has also experienced Jazz, Contemporary and Ballroom dance styles.


Amelia has been living in Hong Kong since 2011.  She has been a long-term client at Iso Fit and has studied with many of the instructors enjoying learning from their different styles and approaches she successfully completed the challenging and rigorous Polestar Studio Comprehensive teacher training course in 2018.


Amelia brings her knowledge of dance, Pilates in her private classes in which clients reap the full benefit of her extensive experience as a Pilates practitioner and teacher training. 

Her sessions are challenging while also helping the body to open up, or as she likes to call it “de-desk”.