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Revamped Group Classes

Revamped Group Classes

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Date: Feb 3, 2016

Revamped Group Classes and Schedule

Everybody, Start Your MOTRS!

You spoke and we listened, which is why we have we revamped our group classes and schedule in 2015.
We have added more of your favourite classes, as well as completely new classes to the schedule....We have also enriched your package by allowing you participate in more than one session type with one package!

This means those of you with an Allegro Reformer package (now called Group Equipment) can choose to take BOTH Allegro and MOTR classes using the same package and Group Mat package holders can enjoy BOTH Mat and Gyrokinesis classes using their Mat package! Try new classes, vary your training programme...if you want to.

We will be adding more and more classes and session options throughout the year so stay tuned and keep checking the schedule.

Private and Semi-private clients also benefit. Those with a valid, un-extended, 10+ session package are entitled to free group classes.......READ MORE.
Check out our new schedule here!

Gyrokinesis Class - For those of you with a Mat Package

We welcome back the Gyrokinesis class to our schedule - those of you with a Mat package can attend this class, a great complement to the traditional mat class. Fluidity is the key.....READ MORE

MOTR Class - For those with a Reformer (equipment) group package

Everybody start your MOTRs! Utilizing the new and innovative MOTR, this energizing and fun class incorporates core strengthening, cardio and resistance training to give long, lean toned muscles, better posture and balance-an excellent Pilates work out for beginners right through to advanced practitioners to add to your current routine....READ MORE