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Success Stories

Success Stories

We always love to hear feedback and success stories from our clients - it is why we do what we do! Here are what some of have our clients say about Physio Fit and Iso Fit

Lam Ho Tong

"That was my First TRX class. The instructor was nice and helpful during the class. She adjusted the difficulty according to our levels and was attentive to everyone of us. Thanks for the great experience!"


"Claire was awesome. so helpful and patient with me. It was my first real Pilates class and I really enjoyed it. Will be back soon!!"

K Chan

"Joined the class at the time I had both knees injured and my whole body was in trauma reflex. Was terribly clumsy to follow Gyro's fluid movement at the beginning. Thanks to instructor Yuko who is always cheerful, caring and encouraging to keep me going with the flow. Noted significant improvement in mobility, balance and posture within 4 sessions. Even I can now walk without a crutch and have more choice of fitness activities, Gyrokinesis@IsoFit remains my most favorite activity (...at Iso Fit)"

Aletha Rossiter

"My legs are like jelly :) great class with Claire!"

Rhea Lin

"Small sized class, great environment"


"Sam was an excellent instructor. My MOTR class was fun and very effective. I like that it adds resistance to regular Pilates moves. It's great for anyone who wants to learn to heighten their body awareness and increase control."

Annie Wu, UBS

"I cured my lower back pain within the 2nd lesson since I started 10 years ago. Ever since, I have become a consistent client 3-5 times a week."

Gerhard Vollmerich

"The legs have more power than before. Also, posture has tremendously improved. A client since 4 years ago"

Eleanor Lee

"The ISO FIT instructors are all great and friendly. They're super professional as well, therefore I want to learn more from them."

Frances Leung

"The best just keeps getting better with this new studio"

Alice Ko

"Iso Fit, the best Pilates studio in Hong Kong!"

Helen Krieff

"Along the years, practicing Pilates at Iso Fit has transformed my body with long and toned muscles (I have a tendency to have bulky round muscles) and helped me to keep high flexibility. I enjoy particularly the kindness of the practitioners and the friendly atmosphere."

Ormploy Chutrakul

"I feel very warm and friendly in your studio. No wonder why many keep coming back..Happy holidays."


"I would just like to thank David and Dawnna for recommending I take up Pilates. I cannot begin to tell you how this has changed my daily life. Waking up for 20 years with constant back ache is not pleasant to say the least, a short while after beginning Pilates I felt relief and do not suffer from any backache whatsoever. My golf game has also improved due to my improvement in flexibility."