Pilates classes and physiotherapy in Central, Hong Kong

Rewards Programme

Making Exercise at Iso Fit an Easy Choice!

There are many reasons that people love working out at Iso Fit.......our great discounts and promotions are just two more! Iso Fit making it easy for you to work out and stay in fantastic shape - Please ask at the front desk or contact us for more information.

Reward Points

Earn reward points for every purchase!

Earn Iso Fit reward points with every purchase that you make at Iso Fit during the specified promotion period, (1 Iso FIt point = HK$1) that can be used towards paying for their next package. 

Activity Discount

Exercise More, Benefit More...Pay Less!

Joseph Pilates said "In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a different body". The bigger the package you buy the less you pay per session! Our nudge to our clients to exercise more frequently ;-)

Loyalty Discount

"Making Health a Habit!"

Keep exercising at ISO FIT and enjoy our Loyalty discount. At ISO FIT we offer a long term incentive by providing our clients with our special Loyalty Discount after they have attended more than 50 sessions at ISO FIT and an even larger discount after completing 100 sessions!!

Referral Reward Scheme

Thank You!

One of the greatest compliments that we can receive is when a client refers ISO FIT to other people whether. In appreciation, Iso Fit offers the referring client 150 Iso Fit reward points (1 Iso FIt point = HK$1) that can be used towards paying for their next package-this in addition to other discounts that may apply!

Intro Packages

Your Partner in Health!

Experience unlimited group classes at Iso Fit for two weeks to start off your journey to health at Iso Fit. New clients can enjoy a 2 Week Unlimited Mat AND Equipment Group package for just $750

Red Carpet Discounts

New to Pilates or Gyrotonic Exercise?

Our Private ASSESSMENT is priced at a heavily discounted HK$650...AND If you sign up for a package within 1 week of your assessment, you enjoy a special FIRST PACKAGE discount of 10% off the normal package price! This discount does not apply for Physio sessions.

Kick-Start your Life

Let us help you get started!

Iso Fit is partnering with you to KICKSTART your health and fitness by offering a variety of different promotional packages for you to choose from (During promotional period only). If you are unsure how to get started, let us know and we will provide the perfect option for you!