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Spinefitter Virtual Workshop-Nov 2021

Spinefitter Virtual Workshop-Nov 2021

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Date: Sep 1, 2021

Join us for the brand new Spinefitter workshop!

Early Bird Discount until the end of Sep 2021!


Your multi purpose tool for back pain, shoulder tension and neck discomfort. The application of the SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® is easy and intuitive. Whether to support your Pilates or Yoga workout or with exercises specifically tailored to the SPINEFITTER, this tool offers a variety of options for you.

The focus of this innovative product is the application close to the vertebral column. The massage effect helps to stimulate specifically muscle zones and free any blockages that may exist. It is also an extraordinary feedback tool for your alignment and technique, a reminder of your position in space. SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® offers an immense range of applications that is only limited by your imagination.

In this workshop you will get to know the SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® in depth. Training on the SPINEFITTER is not difficult, however, instructing others on the SPINEFITTER to ensure correct posture and exercise requires a little practice. Learn how to supervise others, to ensure correct posture and practice implementation.

Well known to us here in Asia, physiotherapist and osteopath Alexander Bohlander will lead a 3hr virtual workshop on the benefits of the exercises from the therapist's point of view.

  • DATE: 27 November 2021
  • TIME: 3pm-6pm (HKT)
  • VENUE: Virtual (Zoom))
  • PRESENTERAlexander Bohlander - Read about Alex here!
  • PRE-REQ: It is required to have a Spinefitter to take part in the workshop. This is included in the price of the workshop.  
  • SUITED FOR: All movement enthusiasts, as well as Pilates and Movement Professionals
  • LANGUAGE: English



    • RETAIL: HKD2,650 (USD340)
    • EARLY BIRD (Until 30 Sep 2021): HKD2,260 (USD290)
    • POLESTAR GRAD: Use discount code "polestargrad"
  • EXTRA UNIT(S) OF SPINEFITTER (Within 7 days of workshop)
    • RETAIL: HKD1,290 (USD165)
    • 1 UNIT: 15% Discount - HKD1,095 (USD140)
    • 5+ UNITS: 20% Discount - HKD1,030 (USD132)
    • 10+ UNITS: 25% Discount - HKD965 (USD124)



"SpineFitter on the Spine Corrector. I’m honored to be the first person in Japan to introduce to you some moves on the Spine Corrector with the SpineFitter. A magical prop, born 4 month ago. Make sure to get one in the near future. You will not regret it." - Beat Eggiman, Polestar Pilates Educator, https://www.instagram.com/eggi... 

Watch Polestar Educator Beat Eggiman having some fun with the Spinefitter here!

Claire Sparrow, Studio Director at Chapel Allerton Pilates & Polestar host in the North of England

"We all know what Joseph Pilates said that “you are only as young as your spine is flexible” and I think it is fair to say we all want to feel young. 

The shape & adaptability of the Spinefitter makes it the ideal tool for so many clients at our Chapel Allerton Pilates Studio. The feedback that it gives helps clients to feel each segment of their spine allowing them the ability to access more range in the areas they feel are not moving as freely. Unlike other things they may lie on for stability work the spine fitter gives the best of both worlds combining mobility and stability.

At Polestar Pilates we teach that stability is control of mobility and that is really what we perceive to be core control and so many people are told they need to improve that.

For those of you who may want to experience the Spinefitter at home did I mention it is like having a massage without having to leave your home, take your clothes off or pay for it. After the restrictions we have all faced and the stresses we have experienced a massage, self care & restoring ourselves back to a state of balance is what we all need. I have had the opportunity to lie on the Spinefitter each day for several weeks and develop a series of exercises that not only mobilise my spine, they invigorate my mind and bring my breath to a state of calm."