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Kick-Start 2023 at Iso Fit!

Kick-Start 2023 at Iso Fit!

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Date: Dec 26, 2022

Movement is the foundation on which the pillars of health stand. We want to help you to move! All new clients who join Iso Fit during the period 1st Jan 2023-15th Feb 2023 are eligible to purchase our highly popular KICKSTART packages. With up to 25% off of normal prices, this is the perfect way to get back into the swing of things!

It’s simple- choose your 6 session KICKSTART package from the list below and get started with your Iso Fit exercise regimen.


If you wish to purchase a 10+ session package straight away* we will offer you a special KICKSTART discount of 15% of the regular package price.

Studio private No of Sessions Regular price KICKSTART price/session Total Package Save
Assessment-obligatory 1  $575.00 $400.00  
Private Sessions 5  $950.00 $780.00  $4,300.00  $1,025.00
Studio Semi-Private  
Assessment-obligatory 1  $575.00 $400.00  
Regular-Semi Private sessions 5  $660.00 $550.00  $3,150.00  $725.00
Assessment-obligatory 1  $575.00 $400.00  
 Equipment Session (Reformer, MOTR) 5  $285.00 $215.00  $1,475.00  $525.00
Assessment-obligatory 1  $575.00 $400.00  
Mat Sessions (Pilates, Gyrokinesis) 5  $190.00 $140.00  $1,100.00  $425.00
  • For new clients to Iso Fit only
  • Assessment must be taken before 28th Feb 2023
  • All KICKSTART session must be completed within 6 weeks of purchase-no excuses, no refunds.

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