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Iso Fit Online

Online Pilates Classes Now Available.

Welcome to Iso Fit Online, where we are now offering virtual classes! These will be a combination of two formats:

  1.  Interactive virtual classes limited in size (similar to a normal group class) which will ensure interaction between you and the teacher, and enable the teacher to provide you with the attention you need during classes. Joining a class together also helps to hold you accountable to put in your best effort! These will either be run through Zoom or via the Mindbody system. 
  2. Live Stream Classes where you follow along to the movements of the teacher - the teacher will not be able to see you and all you have to do is turn up and follow along. 

The virtual classes will show up on the website and the app, so you can book them as you would normally book a class. Please make sure to download the app here for ease of booking.

In order to attend classes, depending on the format, you will need to have downloaded the Zoom/Instagram/Facebook app, either on your phone, tablet or laptop. Please make sure you have visited and installed Zoom from www.zoom.us . 


Important: By participating in any Iso Fit classes/sessions including online classes/sessions, you confirm your agreement to the terms of our Disclaimer and Waiver. Please click here and read carefully.


Book your online class

We recommend you download the Iso Fit app. You can also book via the website or email. You can purchase your class online at the same time.


Download the right App

In order to attend classes, you will need to have downloaded the Zoom, Instagram or Facebook app, either on your phone, tablet or laptop.


Check Your Email for the Link

10 minutes before your class, you will receive an email containing a link to your class. Make sure your email address in our system is up to date.


Get ready for your class

Make sure you are set up on you mat - angle the camera so that you are 45 degrees to the camera and the teacher can see the full mat. Make sure your audio is turned off. Enjoy your class!

Iso Fit Online Class guide. How to purchase and join your sessions.

Pricing - Until the end of 11 Aug 2020

  • All virtual classes will be free until the end of July. 
  • We will still require you to register via Mindbody in order to attend the class. 
  • If the closure persists, then we will adjust our pricing structure accordingly. 

Pricing - 12 August 2020 onward

  • Everybody is entitled to a free Virtual group class. Please choose "Trial Class" when signing up for your first class. We will also be offering a few free classes throughout our schedule - keep an eye out!
  • After that, the pricing is HKD100 per class, OR HKD400 for unlimited access for 2 weeks.
  • Private classes are HKD650 per class.
  • If you purchase a Private class, you are also entitled to a FREE group class.  

How will it work? Full Description. 

  • All classes (Group and Private) will be Mat based. Some classes might use props like Pilates Balls or foam rollers. These are easily obtainable online. You can visit www.t8fitness.com to order - use the discount code “wfh2020” to obtain a 20% discount. 
  • The group classes will be run live according to our online class schedule.
  • As per above instructions, the virtual classes and appointments will show up on the website and the app, so you can book them as you would normally book a class. Please make sure to download the app for ease of booking. https://www.isofit.com.hk/news...
  • These classes will be in a different pricing category, which means you cannot use your Iso Fit package (which has been frozen for 2 weeks). You will need to purchase your online classes separately. You can do this online via our booking system. You will have the option of purchasing one class at a time (Group and Private), or purchasing a two week online package (Group Only). 
  • A limited number of group classes will be offered for free (although these may take a different format to enable us to cater to a wider community). Keep your eyes peeled for these classes. 
  • You must reserve the class in order to participate.
  • For Zoom classes, you must download Zoom in order to attend most classes. Zoom allows you to attend from a phone, tablet or computer. You can download it from the App store or Google play. On your laptop, you can download from www.zoom.us
  • For classes run on the Mindbody platform, you need to make sure you know how to login to your Mindbody account. You can learn more here, https://support.mindbodyonline.com/s/article/Joining-a-live-stream?language=en_US 
  • Some classes will be streamed live on Facebook Live or on Instagram Live. 
  • GROUP CLASS - Ten minutes before the start of the class, you will receive an email with a private link to the class (Please make sure your email address in our system is correct)
  • There is a limit for virtual attendees in a group class , so that the instructor can see you and give personalized cues. If you prefer to just follow the class and not allow anybody else to see you, then you can turn your video off. 
  • PRIVATE CLASS – your instructor will coordinate with you and provide you with the link 5 minutes before the start of your session.
  • When you join the Zoom class, please make sure that your settings are correct:
  • Make sure you are dressed in appropriate exercise attire.
  • Make sure your camera is angled in such a way that you are diagonal to the camera (45 degrees), so that you can see the screen and the teacher can see your full mat. Please test this ahead of time so that minimal time is wasted adjusting your video when you join the class.   We recommend you use a laptop if you have one, as it allows for easier change of camera angle. It also ensures a bigger screen for seeing the teacher. 
  • When you join the class, make sure that your audio and video are working correctly. You will have time before and after the class to chat to the teacher and other clients. In a PRIVATE CLASS, you may keep your audio on in order to communicate with your teacher. 
  • Once the class starts, you must mute your audio so as not to bother the other clients. Only switch it back on if you have an urgent question or inquiry. In a PRIVATE CLASS, you may keep your audio on in order to communicate with your teacher.
  • Instructions on how to enter the class -  See below video
  • Instructions on how to adjust your configurations -  see below video