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Get in Shape after Summer! (Part 2)

Get in Shape after Summer! (Part 2)

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Date: Sep 10, 2016

Article by 
Claire V. Dickson 
Pilates Instructor & Movement Specialist and full time Mum

The end of the summer holiday season is upon us and it means it’s time to get back to everyday routines, work, family commitments and your fitness routine. What better time than to re-evaluate those regular activities and set new goals, aims and challenges into your fitness schedule to keep you from falling back into old habits that are no longer making positive changes to your body and health.

Holiday Blues

Ho hum back to work! If there is a downside to holidays, it’s that they end! Holidays can also mean that your regular workouts get forgotten and you over indulge with high calorie meals and cocktails . Over eating, lots of snacking accompanied by your favourite tipple may well mean you have put on a few pounds in excess weight that you didn’t have before. Don’t despair, if it went on fast more than likely when you get back to healthy food choices, perhaps a new workout routine (and drink lots of water)  things will get back to your normal, or new normal. Take this time to set some fitness and health challenges to keep you motivated.

Some Tips to a healthier you:

Set a reachable goal

The best thing that motivates is setting a clear and obtainable goal. For example losing the 2kg gained in your summer holiday before the winter vacations, to run 5km or ½  marathon,  a detox or teatox to maintain your clear skin and boosted immune system and so on. It can be several things BUT it is important that they are attainable and realistic. Whatever you choose stick to the plan, track your progress and make a deadline, therefore you will be more motivated and inspired by your own results to keep it up.

Sign up for a class

The best thing to get back on track is to start a new challenge. It could be a new course, a new class or different place to workout. Pilates is a great way to keep your spine healthy and moving well while maintain good postural support. There are a whole range whole of group classes out there where you don’t have to be a gym goer to fit in – Yoga, Pilates Matwork, Allegro (Reformer) Pilates to name a few that you may know, however try a new class like MOTR or TRX Pilates to inspire you. Being part of a group helps motivation.

Let your Trainer know you’re back

She/he will the do the rest!  Working one-on-with your own trainer really is the top option. Sign up for Private or semi-private sessions try GYROTONIC®  EXERCISE if you’ve never done it before. Your trainer will take you through a session tailored perfectly to your physical and mental wants and needs, the longer you stick with it the greater your results. Be patient anything worth learning takes time, once you’ve develop these skills to maintain good posture and core control you will never forget it. Staying focused on your goal is hard to do without support, tell your family and your friends, and they can join you or help you.