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Check out our New Classes!

Check out our New Classes!

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Date: Feb 20, 2016

Meet Claire Dickson and Check out our New Classes!

We are excited to introduce new instructor Claire Dickson. Claire will be teaching both Studio (private and semi private) and Group Classes including both the TRX Pilates Blast as well as the Allegro Reformer. Make sure to try a session with Claire....her classes are always challenging, varied and fun!

New Group Classes for you!

Once again, we have taken your feedback and revised our group schedule to give you more options, wider variety - we now have group classes to suit all levels and schedules! We are excited to have the TRX Pilates blast on our schedule, which has been an instant hit, as well as the new TRX Reformer combination taught by Evelyn on Mondays! Claire will also be teaching an early morning Tuesday class - 7.30am - for you early risers. Perfect for getting a session in before work!
A study in the Journal of Applied Physiology by Dr. Paul Arciero found that four types of exercise - resistance, interval, stretching and endurance - when put together, will maximise fat burning. The group classes at Iso Fit contain all of these exercise types and more! We look forward to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals for 2016!

Meet Claire

Claire entered the fitness field through dance and has been a Personal Trainer Fitness Instructor since 1993. She is a qualified Instructor Trainer in the UK and Australia and holds 3 Specialty Awards from the American Council of Exercise (ACE).......Learn More