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Iso Fit - Mask and Temperature Update

Iso Fit - Mask and Temperature Update

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Policy Update

Date: Sep 17, 2020

17 Sep 2020

Mask Wearing-Iso Fit

It has been great to welcome you all back into the studio! It has truly been a pleasure to see you again, and to see people moving at Iso Fit!

In the latest relaxation of the social distancing measures, the Government has announced that  effective Friday 18th September 2020, the wearing of masks by clients while exercising is not required as long as there is adequate spacing or an effective partition.

Iso Fit policies:

All teachers must continue to wear masks at all times.

  • Private: No mask required during session. Masks must be worn when traversing the exercise floor and in common areas.

  • Semi-Private: No mask required, unless requested to do so by your teacher. 

  • Group classes (Groups of more than 2): Mask required if there are more than 5 clients /students in the Group room.


Masks should be worn by clients: -

  • When traversing the exercise floor and in all common areas of the studio

  • Whenever so requested by an Iso Fit teacher.

If you do wear a mask for your session, please request a special plastic insert (offered free while stocks last), which you may keep and use for all your sessions. The insert enlarges the gap between your nose/mouth and the mask and makes it easier to breathe.

Temperature Check and Health registration 

We have installed a standing temperature check device at the entrance to the studio. In order to check your temperature , please place your hand near (no need to touch) the protruding sensor. The machine will beep if your temperature is normal. Kindly check your temp as you enter Iso Fit.

Our health registration sheet will also be on the table next to the Temp check device. Please sign as indicated if you meet the health criteria listed. If not, kindly do not attend your session.

Let’s stay vigilant and abide by the rules. Your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a safe environment in Iso Fit is much appreciated! 

With best wishes,
Iso Fit