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Kick-Start your health at Iso Fit!

Kick-Start your health at Iso Fit!

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Date: Apr 13, 2022

All new clients who join Iso Fit during the period 21st Apr 2022-31st May 2022 are eligible to purchase our highly popular KICKSTART packages. With up to 25% off of normal prices, this is the perfect way to get back into the swing of things!

It’s simple- choose your 6 session KICKSTART package from the list below and get started with your Iso Fit exercise regimen.


If you wish to purchase a 10+ session package straight away* we will offer you a special KICKSTART discount of 15% of the regular package price.

Studio private No of Sessions Regular price KICKSTART price/session Total Package Save
Assessment-obligatory 1  $575.00 $400.00  
Private Sessions 5  $950.00 $780.00  $4,300.00  $1,025.00
Studio Semi-Private  
Assessment-obligatory 1  $575.00 $400.00  
Regular-Semi Private sessions 5  $660.00 $550.00  $3,150.00  $725.00
Assessment-obligatory 1  $575.00 $400.00  
 Equipment Session (Reformer, MOTR) 5  $285.00 $215.00  $1,475.00  $525.00
Assessment-obligatory 1  $575.00 $400.00  
Mat Sessions (Pilates, Gyrokinesis) 5  $190.00 $140.00  $1,100.00  $425.00
  • For new clients to Iso Fit only
  • Assessment must be taken before 15th June 2022
  • All KICKSTART session must be completed within 6 weeks of purchase-no excuses, no refunds.

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