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Online Purchasing of Packages

Online Purchasing of Packages

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Date: Nov 9, 2023

We hope this message finds you well and enjoying your Pilates sessions at our studio. We appreciate your continued support and commitment to your fitness journey with us. To improve our services and streamline the payment process, we would like to encourage an alternative and  convenient online payment option through our website and mobile app.

We understand that many of you are accustomed to making payments in person at the studio, but this has led to some administrative challenges, such as missed payments and scheduling discrepancies. To ensure a smoother and more efficient experience for both you and our team, we kindly request your cooperation in transitioning to online payments.

Here are a few reasons why online payment is beneficial for everyone:

  1. Convenience: Paying online is quick and easy. You can complete your payments from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are with just a few clicks. With online payment options, you can purchase sessions at any time that's convenient for you. There's no need to wait for studio operating hours.

  2. Efficiency: Your online account will automatically be updated and you can begin booking straight away. 

  3. Scheduling Accuracy: Online payments help us maintain more accurate records of your sessions, reducing the chance of scheduling conflicts or missed payments. 

To make the transition to online payments as smooth as possible, please follow these simple steps:

  • Access our online store

    • Via the website (Client login)

  • Log in to your account or create one if you haven't already. If you need assistance with your account setup, please don't hesitate to reach out to our front desk staff.

  • In order to purchase:

    • If on a web browser, navigate to the "Online Store" >"Series and Memberships" section and select the package or sessions you wish to purchase.

    • If on the App, navigate to the “buy” section and choose your select the package or sessions you wish to purchase.

  • Enter your discount code (if any). Contact us for more information on discount codes (Loyalty discounts etc)

  • Follow the prompts to complete your payment securely using your preferred payment method.

If you have any questions or require assistance during this transition, our friendly front desk staff is available to assist you in person or over the phone.

We understand that change can be challenging, and we greatly appreciate your support and cooperation in this matter. This transition to online payments will ultimately benefit all of us by improving the overall Pilates experience.

Thank you for being a part of our Pilates community. We look forward to providing you with a more streamlined and efficient payment process and continuing to support your health and wellness journey.