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Pilates Mat Plus

Pilates Mat Plus

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This class provides the necessary instruction to learn the fundamentals of Pilates. Participants gain a basic understanding of the Pilates principles, spending time on the breathing and understanding core control, thus enabling them to gain maximum results from mat work sessions.

A series of selected Pilates floor exercises are practiced on a mat , focusing on the core musculature leading to improved body alignment and posture, muscle tone, strength and flexibility. Exercises are synchronized with a corresponding breathing pattern and performed with rhythmical expression. Participants are gradually eased into these challenging and invigorating workout.

Iso Fit will continuously add variations to the basic work, introducing more exercising and utilizing a wide range of small props (exercise accessories) for continued effectiveness and interest.
Max participants - 12

Iso Fit Pilates Mat Plus!

Iso Fit's reformatted Mat class will include (in addition to Mat on a Mat) varying doses of apparatus sequences like...

Executing exercises on a foam roller adds a different dimension to the workout by forcing you to focus on each move and utilize stabilising muscles not usually recruited.

The baby arc opens the spine in an amazing way and targets the gluteal muscles in creative ways giving a vitalising full body experience.

Using the Pilates circle adds extra challenge to a variety of mat exercises targeting and strengthening muscles in a most unique way.

Weights are a great way to build bone density and muscle strength. Choose your challenge with anything from 2lb - 5lb weights. Pilates exercises modified in a creative way to get the most out weight training.

Stabilization, balance, coordination, reflex, strength, mobility are just some of the areas that are improved when exercising on the Ball.or over 10 years it has been effectively used in therapy, rehabilitation and sports training...and now in Iso Fit Mat Plus. It moves right, left, forwards and back. In fact , the fit ball moves every which way, which is why it is such an interesting addition to your Pilates Mat class. As well as building strength, endurance the fitball provides mobility challenges and stimulates motor reflexes, balance and inter-muscular coordination.