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Post Natal Pilates

Post Natal Pilates

Looking to work off the baby weight? Feel that your core needs some attention after pregnancy? Pilates is the perfect workout for both expectant and new mums. Iso Fit instructors are experienced in working with both pre and post natal Pilates.

We help women across the city develop their bodies after the momentous event of birth, giving them the strength to face the new challenges of motherhood from its earliest days. We believe in a gentle and nurturing approach to strengthening the body, ensuring that you meet precisely the right amount of resistance to challenge you without posing a harm to your recovering body. 

The ideal choice for your body

Pilates offers the perfect post-natal workout and can be practiced by mothers in varying post-natal stages. Primarily, Pilates strengthens the core control muscles of the lower abdominal region and pelvic floor, creating a muscular "corset" to support the spine; strengthens and lengthens the back muscles; and blends toning and stretching to alleviate muscular tension arising from repetitive physical movement (bending over, carrying, nursing, et al). It can also help participants re-discover pre-pregnancy body awareness by focusing on balance, posture and breath to facilitate movement. In both the studio and group training environments, the instructor will modify exercises for post-natal clients so that they regain optimum toning in the minimum amount of time. 

Keep your body strong through your pregnancy and beyond 

Dawnna Wayburne, Education Director at Iso Fit says: "Unless otherwise advised by their doctor, women can continue with their Pilates routines after the first trimester all the way up until birth. After delivery, we normally advise new mums to wait six weeks until they get back to the mat or reformer. They can then start rebuilding the muscles that were weakened with the weight of pregnancy and the stress of giving birth . We see mothers getting back into shape in no time."

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Participants should be at least six weeks post-partum and have physician's approval to begin exercise regime.