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Gyrotonic Fundamentals

Gyrotonic Fundamentals

Fundamentals of the GYROTONIC® Expansion System (The Juliu Horvath Method)

This system works to exercise the musculature while mobilizing and articulating joints. The uniqueness of the system is that it stretches and strengthens at the same time thereby increasing range of motion and developing coordination.

The exercises are performed through spherical awareness and a circularity of movement, enabling the user to perform under the prominent guidance of variable controlled resistance.

Each exercise is synchronized with a corresponding breathing pattern creating a gentle or forceful cardiovascular aerobic stimulation depending on the intensity of execution.

The full range of Gyrotonic equipment (available at Iso Fit) is used worldwide with great success amongst athletes and sports people. It is also used for the rehabilitation of injuries as well as general body conditioning and fitness development amongst people of all walks of life, from children to senior citizens.

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GYROTONIC® Method - A brief history
Juliu Horvath, founder of the Horvath Method, is a Hungarian raised in Romania. He began his professional career as a ballet dancer after competing for years as a gymnast and swimmer.

Soon after defecting to the US in the late 1960's, Juliu gave up dancing in order to pursue the study of yoga. He soon realized that he could successfully combine the benefits of all these disciplines - swimming, gymnastics, yoga and dance - into one exercise system in which all the major muscle groups work interdependently and in an integrated manner. Together with this concept he created his first exercise machine, a truly innovative and unique piece of work-the Pulley Tower Combination Unit.

Over the years he has added several other machines to his range, all equally innovative and effective in maximizing the benefits of the exercises performed on them.
In November 2001, Iso Fit became the first Gyrotonic center in Asia to have the Gyrotonic Jumping Stretching Board available for client training with its unique sliding platform design which works in conjunction with parallel bars enables the exerciser to strengthen and tone the core trunk muscle and extremity and develops a sense of balance and co-ordination.

The latest, vastly improved version of the Jumping Stretching Board was installed at Iso Fit in September 2009. A brand new addition to the range of Gyrotonic® equipment available to clients at Iso Fit. The GYROTONER®, the only one in Asia, is a remarkable piece of equipment that looks like a Harley Davidson.

It is used by straddling the GYROTONER® seat or standing alongside it. The exerciser places a hand on each handle and practices the "arch and curl." Movements work the spine's ability to move and twist as required in daily life, open up the intercostals [the short muscles between the ribs] and tighten the oblique abdominals. Another move, a figure eight, requires more coordination. Placing two hands on one wheel handle, the exerciser stirs the wheel around and around stretching the spine and challenging the body to move in wider and wider circles. Other exercises challenge the lower extremities, arms and shoulders. Sports specific training (including swimming, tennis and golf) as well as gentle therapy, are very much part of the repertoire.

Juliu continues to run workshops around the world and his work is internationally recognized as truly unique and innovative.

The Gyrotonic® Expansion System works for all people at all levels of the exercise spectrum who wish to gain strength, flexibility and coordination.

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