Pilates classes and physiotherapy in Central, Hong Kong

Samantha Robinson

Samantha Robinson

Senior Instructor

Sam began her career studying Dance and Performance Arts in her native Sydney, Australia. She adapted her classical training to the fitness industry which bought her to seek new challenges in Hong Kong via Sydney and London and completed an MSc. in Exercise Science in 2007.

Since 2002 Sam has been deeply involved in the Pilates exercise method, studying Polestar Pilates Matwork, Allegro and Studio. After the required intensive apprenticeship period, Sam qualified as a Polestar Educator in Mat and Allegro. Sam's broad experience of dance and fitness has proved beneficial to her development as a Pilates instructor, bringing a wealth of knowledge to impart to her clients.

She is also a regular guest instructor and staff trainer at Chiva Som Health Resort, Thailand and is a regular Health and Fitness convention presenter.