Pilates classes and physiotherapy in Central, Hong Kong



在開始任何Iso Fit課程計劃以前,每位客戶都需要進行一項體能評估,以幫助客戶估定提升訓練效果的最佳方法。


Assess and Analyze




Introduction to Exercise

Emphasis will be placed on how Pilates exercises can influence asymmetries of the head, neck, trunk and pelvis.

Set Goals


Physiotherapy Assessment

Before starting a physiotherapy rehabilitation programme, every client is required to undergo a 55 minute physiotherapy assessment to analyze his/her condition and set the treatment plan. Clients should arrive at least 10 minutes early to complete a comprehensive registration form. Clients should bring:

  • All material and reports (e.g. doctor referral/ X-ray/ MRI/ blood test) related to the condition.
  • Doctors letter of referral.
  • Suitable clothes for exercise (e.g. T-shirt/ vest/ shorts) and clean socks.

Procedure of physiotherapy assessment:

  • Subjective Examination --- The physiotherapist will learn the background to the case from the client as well as his/her medical history, lifestyle, work nature etc. in order to understand the primary nature of the problem and what the client hopes to achieve in his/her physiotherapy sessions.
  • Objective Examination --- Based on the conclusions drawn from the subjective examination, the physiotherapist will narrow down the area to be analyzed. The physiotherapist will put the client through an examination to observe client posture and other indicators to ascertain the possible cause(s) of the client's condition. The results of the examination will then be used for more specific tests related to the relevant joints/ ligaments/ muscles/ fascia/ nerve/pathology to identify (as far as possible) the problem needing treatment.
  • Treatment Plan --- After figuring out the potential causes, the physiotherapist will design a treatment plan according to the client's specific needs and explain why and how this plan can help to improve the condition. Additionally, the treatment plan and explanation will enhance the client's knowledge and motivation to follow through with the treatment and make the lifestyle changes necessary for better health.