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Date: Jul 1, 2018

Summer’s in full swing and, if you’re anything like the rest of us, you’re lying on the beach, drinking Maitais or iced coffee, eating gelato and indulging in other “summery” treats. Whilst the occasional swim, dip or stroll around your chosen vacation spot may lull you into a sense of remaining toned don’t be fooled. Maintenance is key with regard to continued good health, posture and tone. Hot weather may tempt you into remaining indoors to work out and whilst that’s a great idea for your group and personal training sessions the occasional short outdoors workout can do wonders. Not only do you to stay in shape, but you’ll also breathe in fresh air, soak up vitamin D, and nab some serious brain benefits. Combined Ballet/Pilates workouts are still some of our recommended “go to” exercises for any body part, especially thighs, glutes and calves. The movements below are quick, easy and can be done in a nearby park, on your patio or in the pool. All you will need to complete these moves is a wall, waist height railing, a chair or a bar/barre (ballet term for a supporting rail)

You can modify these already simple movements to fit your skill level by adjusting reps and rest periods. 

Ankle strength, mobility and leg strength

  1. Start standing with legs together and, holding onto a chair for balance, rise up and down
  2. With heels up high, bend and stretch
  3. Pulse in this high half toe position …you’ll start to feel your quads

  1. In first position ( Charlie Chaplin feet with knees over toes),  and then “plié-releve-stretch-lower”  This is ballet speak for “bend, lift your heels, stretch your legs with heels up and then lower heels”) Repeat 5-10 times
  2. Reverse the above sequence. (Lift your heels, Bend, Lower Heels, Stretch your legs).

  1. Legs in 2nd Position (wide squat position with toes and knees facing as much to the side as is comfortable) bend and stretch 8-10 times
  2. Pulse down. Try 20!
  3. In the Plie position ( Ballet term for wide squat), lift and lower one heel at a time, alternating legs for another 20 reps. Good luck
  4. Double heel raise: Same as above but lift and lower heels together
  5. Alternate heels with a bit of hip side to side movement. Give it lots of attitude, ladies. Guys…you’ll just look silly!
  6. Back in your Chaplin / 1st Position rise up on both feet and taking your right foot behind your left ankle repeat those pulses. If you can make it up to 10 reps, try 15 or 20 before changing sides. If that’s too boring try 8 right, 8 left, 4 right, 4 left, 2 right, 2 left and then singles. That should keep your brain on track.

Don’t forget to:

  • Hold on to a wall or bar/barre for balance if you need to.
  • Add weights to your workout for extra challenge. Either around your ankles for leg lifts or hand held for a multi- tasking upper body choreography of your choice like bicep or triceps curls
  • Stretch out your calves after all that rising up and down in this mini-workout. They’ll thank you for it.

As for results? Just look in the mirror!

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